Chairman of the People’s Committee of Bim Son Town visited and congratulated Long Son Cement in Tet Holiday

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On the occasion of Lunar New Year 2018, Mr. Bui Huy Hung, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Bim Son Town and his team visited and congratulated Long Son Cement.


Mr. Le Tien Dung – Director of Long Son Cement reported the past year’s results in production and business of the company. The year 2017 witnessed an important milestone in the development of Long Son Cement with line 2 released.  Besides, Cement packing and distributing factory in Ninh Thuy – Khanh Hoa was completed as scheduled. Expectedly, Cement packing and distributing factory in Long An  will also launch its products.

2Mr. Le Tien Dung – Long Son Cement director reported on year 2017’s performance of Long Son Cement

In 2017, Long Son Cement released 2.370.000 tons of clinker from Line 1 and 450,000 tons of clinker from Line 2. Sales output of Long Son Cement in that year was 2.6 million tons of cement with a system of 85 distributors in 50 provinces. Besides those achievements, Long Son Cement has set targets for 2018 such as: clinker output of the two lines will reach 4,750,000 tons. The domestic sales volume of cement will be 5 million tons and the export volume will be 700,000 tons. Long Son Cement will attempt to achieve those targets with its best effort.

Beside the production and business activities, Long Son Cement always pay attention to and fullfill policies on social welfare, insurance of the employees. Long Son Cement has created more than 800 jobs for employees with an average income of 6.5-7 million VND per person. Additionally, the Company has continuously organized charitable activities to help and motivate the poor & disadvantaged  people by building charible houses, granting scholarships, offering jobs…

3Mr. Bui Huy Hung – Chairman of Bim Son Town People’s Committee congratulated Long Son Cement

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Bui Huy Hung praised the efforts and gains that the company had achieved in the past year. In addition, he recognized and appreciated the great contribution of Long Son Cement to the economic and social development of the town, creating a spillover impact not only on economy but also on society, spirit, and image of the town. In particular, he appreciated the quality of Long Son Cement, which had been trusted by customers and created confidence to consumers.


On the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2018, on behalf of the leadership of Bim Son Town, Mr. Bui Huy Hung sent all the management and employees of Long Son Cement his greetings & compliments on a New Year with greater prosperity and success. 


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