Conference of building contractors in Nam Dinh on 15/05/2017

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On 15/05/2017 Long Son Cement Plant solemnly held the first meeting with customers in Nam Dinh province. The conference with the participation of more than 400 delegates was invited by three distributors of Long Son Cement, including Quang Vinh NP, Quang Phat NPP and Xuan Chau NPP. The conference is an opportunity to meet and introduce Long Son Cement Plant to all customers in Nam Dinh province. At the same time, this is also a bridge for customers to increase their understanding of Long Son Cement Plant, building as well as tightening the cooperation relationship in the business between the Factory, Distributor and System. Shop system, dealer.
Attending the program, the presence of Mr. Le Tien Dung – Deputy General Director, Mr Truong Van Loi – Production Director, Mr Vu Tuan Anh – Sales Director, Mr Jun Savaldor – Deputy Director of Quality Systems. On the Distributor side, there is the presence of Quang Phat NPP: Mr. Duong Van Tam – Director of the Company; Representative of Quang Vinh NPP – Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh – Director of the company; Representative of Xuan Chau NPP: Mr Pham Thanh Le – Director of the company. With more than 400 quarter store building materials in the province of Nam Dinh.
The music program began with the singing of singer Anh Tho with sweet and deep songs, into the heart.
Long Son Cement Company representative – Mr. Vu Tuan Anh – Business Director opened the conference. First of all, Mr. Tuan Anh sincerely thanks to your Distributor, the precious building materials have less time to participate in the program, as well as special thanks to the precious The distributor has cooperated with the factory to implement the program of meeting with customers in Nam Dinh today. Following this, Mr. Tuan Anh also emphasized that Nam Dinh is a strategic market of Long Son Cement. At present, Long Son Cement has affirmed its quality and brand name in Nam Dinh market. However, in the future, it is necessary to develop further. And in order to do that, it is necessary to join hands of the Distributor quarter and quarter of building materials store. On the factory side, he also set out three directions that also committed the factory to customers that is always providing the market with products of high quality and stability; Maintaining a good and reasonable sales policy as well as maintaining a good sales service, and finally with the clients to carry out the advertising campaign to develop the trademark of Long Son Cement.
Representative of Long Son Cement Plant – Mr. Le Tien Dung handed over Distributor Certificate to 3 distributors of Long Son Cement in Nam Dinh for Mr. Duong Van Tam – Quang Phat NPP; Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh – Quang Vinh NPP; Mr. Pham Thanh Le – Xuan Chau NPP.
Mr Jun Salvador – Vice President of Quality Systems, who has many years of experience in building and developing the system, is one of the contributors to ensuring the plant marketed the best quality assurance product. measure. He delivered to the whole conference a video introduction about the factory, so that customers have a comprehensive overview of the Long Son Cement Plant, from the history of development, as well as the machine system. Long Son Cement Equipment, Long Son Cement’s achievements have reached the present time.
Mr. Duong Van Tam, representative of Quang Phat NPP, represented Distributors at the conference. He said, although Long Son Cement’s new products in the market not long, but Long Son Cement has confirmed the quality and brand. He added that before deciding to become a Distributor of Long Son Cement, he repeatedly brought Long Son Cement products to the construction materials to carry out cement quality testing. As Long Son Cement meets the requirements of quality, he believes in selling and distributing products. Currently in Nam Dinh, about 40% of people believe in using Long Son Cement products for important items such as foundation, roof, beams, columns, most people use 100% Long Son cement for the whole project. In addition to such achievements, Long Son Cement also faces many difficulties, but by cooperating with factories, distributors and stores, all parties will jointly dismantle the building. Build a good business environment.
Following the program, representatives of the department stores sent valuable comments to the factory management.
The representative of the factory, Mr Le Tien Dung, expressed his sincere thanks to the whole conference, thanked and received the comments of the conference. In the end, he would like to send to all Distributors, precious stones of building materials with his family good luck and success. May the cooperation between Long Son Cement and customers increasingly grow and durability.
The conference closed in a cheerful atmosphere, promising a good development of cooperation for mutual benefit in the future.

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