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In order to show the deepest and most sincere thanks to partners and customers, who have always trusted, using Long Son Cement during the past period of time, on Nov 19 Long Son Cement Plant cooperated with Thang Long company to hold a customer conference in Khanh Hoa.


Music program in opening ceremony.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Trinh Quang Hai – CEO of Long Son Cement Plant, Mr. Le Tien Dung – Sales Director, Mr. Truong Van Loi – Operation Director, Mr. Jun Salvador – Quality Director, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung of Foreign affairs Director; On behalf of Thang Long company, Mr. Nguyen Tri Huong – CEO, Mrs. Phung Thi Thien – Chairman of the board of directors, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai – director, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien Hoa – sales director together with nearly 300 guests as hardware stores, building contractors in Khanh Hoa.


Mr. Le Tien Dung – director of Long Son cement plant make opening speech

In opening speech, Mr. Le Tien Dung – Director of Long Son Cement Plant expressed his great honor and gratitude to the guests who did not mind difficulty due to storm & rain to attend the meeting. He said: “after more than 1 year released into market, upto now,  Long Son Cement sales has reached 2.8 million tons per year with 70 distributors throughout the country. The results is thank to cooperation, enthusiasm of customers who have trusted, supported and delivered cement products to consumers. Since the early days, found that the central region is a potential market, Long Son Cement has invested in a cement transfer & packing station in Ninh Thuy – Khanh Hoa with a capacity of 800,000 tons per year. This station will distribute cement to the central & highland provinces. The factory commit to deliver products with high and stable quality, just in time, maintain a quick and accurate sales policy”


Mr. Nguyen Tri Huong – CEO of Thang Long Company talk in the meeting.

Following the program, Mr. Nguyen Tri Huong – CEO of Thang Long Company, exclusive distributor of Long Son Cement in Khanh Hoa shared his opinion. With more than 30 years of experience in cement distribution, in order to choose product and business development strategy, he had to spend a lot of time and effort to enquiry but for Long Son cement, he absolutely trust in the quality. A formal cooperation with Long Son Cement is a milestone for sustainable cooperation & development between the parties

He also expressed his deep appreciation to Long Son Co., Ltd and Long Son Cement Plant for providing timely assistance through a donation of 300 million VND and 700 tons of cement to people affected by storm in Khanh Hoa. This motivated people here to rebuild their houses, overcome damage and quickly stabilize their lives.


Mr Jun Salvador –  Quality Management System Director.

Mr. Jun Salvador – Director of Quality Systems, who has many years of experience in creating and developing the system to ensure only  the best quality products are supplied to customers. He shown a video for customers to have a comprehensive view of the Long Son Cement Plant, from the history of foundation and development, as well as the equipment, technology and achievements of Long Son Cement

At the conference, Long Son Cement Plant had the opportunity to directly listen to comments and feedback from customers. Since then, the company will solve the difficulties. At the same time continue to develop strengths to improve itself.


Mr. Trinh Quang Hai – CEO of Long Son Cement Plant present flowers and certificate to Thang Long Company as an official distributor of Long Son Cement in Khanh Hoa.

On behalf of Long Son Cement Plant, CEO – Mr. Trinh Quang Hai – sent to distributors, building materials store, contractors in Khanh Hoa his sincere appreciation & gratitude for their presence, cooperation and contribution to the Company “Wish you and your family with good health and success”


Top management of Long Son Cement and the distributor start the party

Besides the special art show is the lucky draw program by Long Son Cement co-ordinated with Thang Long Company organized with awards: 05 Award special prize 43 inch Toshiba TV; First prize: 05 180-liter Sharp fridge; Second Prize: 10 microwaves, 50 third prize is rice cooker and console prize: 20 electric irons, 20 boilers, 20 hair dryers; and More than 200 gift including rain coat, helmet, drinking glass…

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