Long Son Cement Packing Factory in Long An released the first batch of cement to the market successfully.

28/02/2018 10:08 371 views Category: News

Following the success of Long Son cement packing factory in Khanh Hoa, on Feb 27, Long Son Cement completed an other packing factory in Long An and started releasing the first batch of cement into the Southern markets of Vietnam.


The packing factory in Long An was located in Nhut Chanh Industrial Zone, Ben Luc District, Long An Province with a capacity of 1 million tons per year. In order to make  production stable from the beginning, six months before, Long Son Cement started recruiting workers, organized training and embrace production line. Besides, the company sent skilled engineers to Long An to supervise, support and build management system, which ensured the best progress and quality in the installation of the production line.


Long Son Cement packing system designed by advanced countries is capable of packing a lot of types of bag according to the demand of markets with high accuracy and stability. Especially, located in the convenient area near the seaport, Long Son cement can assure fast and satisfied transportation services.


The event that Long An packing factory officially started operation and released first shipments to the market was an important step in the development of Long Son Cement in the Southern markets of Vietnam, which helps promote and bring the brand of Long Son Cement to consumers throughout the country as well as in the world.




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