Long Son Cement – Typical example of investment attraction in Thanh Hoa

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Long Son Cement Plant in Dong Son, Bim Son, Thanh Hoa is a typical example of investment attracting policy in Thanh Hoa.

Attract competent and responsible investors

For two consecutive years, 2016 and 2017, Long Son Cement Plant in Dong Son, Bim Son, Thanh Hoa  has launched 2 production lines with total capacity of 5 million tons of cement / year (each line with capacity of 2.5 million tons of cement per year), total investment of 8,000 billion VND, total construction period of both lines was 03 years only


Long Son Cement Plant (in Dong Son, Bim Son, Thanh Hoa) has an area of 60 ha with a total investment capital of 8,000 billions VND.

Determining this is a huge project with tremendous importance and effect on the socio-economic development of Thanh Hoa province  and Bim Son town, so since the beginning of the project at the end of 2014, the People’s Committee of Thanh Hoa Province, Bim Son really cared for and offered many measures to coordinate and support investors to quick implement the project and especially in clearing site and handovering to investors.

In fact, it has been proven that, besides, Thanh Hoa province, Bim Son town always accompany to create favorable conditions for open and transparent investment environment, investors themselves are also trying to prove their competency and cooperate closely with local authority to make progress of the project faster than planned. Construction of line 1 and 2 were completed  2-month earlier than plan) and put into operation with efficiency since the beginning.

According to Mr. Bui Huy Hung, Chairman of People’s Committee in Bim Son, who has more than 20 years of experience in business management and investment promotion, the success of Cement Plant Project invested by Long Son Co., Ltd is a typical of example for investment attraction policy in Thanh Hoa. This is a very successful role model in term of construction progress, quality of construction, security during the construction as well as operations, management of foreign workers and especially the sense of responsibility of the investor in coordinating with the local authorities to ensure social security, completely resolve complaints of surrounding resident about noise in the short time.


The shortest way to conquer the market is by quality

Truong Van Loi, operation director of Long Son Cement Plant, said: “The product launched to the market not long ago but it received alot of positive feedback from consumers, that is thanks to the outstanding quality of Long Son cement: 100% of products meet Vietnam  and international standards, depending on the product.


The factory applies environmentally friendly technologies and meets the prescribed emission standards.

For example, the industrial bulk cement is designed with high extra grade and stability in quality; meet Vietnam standard TCVN 6260: 2009 and international standard ASTM C 1157-02  Type GU or EN 197-1: 2000 type CEM II / A-M 42.5R. Portland Cement Blended PCB 30, MC25 Long Son quality is always stable, the strength of cement always has a large extra grade (exceeding 20% of standard), saving the amount of cement used. Long Son also provides clinker meeting ASTM standard (USA) to produce cement with perfect quality.

Raw materials in the production of Long Son Cement are supplied directly from the Bim Son limestone mountains. This is the raw material area that Soviet experts surveyed and evaluated as the best quality in Vietnam. Combined with the equipment from famous makers as: Loscher, IKN, ABB (Germany) and advanced manufacturing technology of Japan …, Long Son Cement meets the standard to become the best cement products in the market. This will also help Long Son cement to build trust from domestic consumers and contracts export to worldwide market such as Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Bangladesh. and Africa.

“Dispite the context of brutal competition in the cement market, the product of Long Son launched into market not long ago has been sold out which prove the prestige, quality and capability to organize the sales network. Consumption of products of Long Son Cement is very good “- Chairman of Bim Son People’s Committee.

Company assess the investment policy

“When implementing the Long Son Cement Plant Project in Bim Son Town, we always receive  cooperation of leaders of Thanh Hoa People’s Committee, Departments, People’s Committee of Bim Son Town, People’s Committee of Ha Trung District to timely resolve difficulties during the implementation of the project. Particularly, every quarter, the provincial People’s Committee sent the leaders to inspect, supervise and listen to investors comments to promptly handle difficulties and problems.

As a result, after only 25 months, we completed the investment to build two production lines with total capacity of 5 million tons per year. In addition to keeping pace with the progress of the project, Thanh Hoa Province is also interested in investing in transportation, infrastructure to assist investors in transporting, stablizing operation, business… We feel absolutely secured and confident in investment in Thanh Hoa”- Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, Director of Long son cement plant said