PCB30 Cement


Portland Cement Blended PCB 30, MC25 branded Long Son helps to increase the flexibility of mortar, waterproof, impregnation to environment; strengthen the lifetime of constructions, and is very suitable with the tropical climate conditions of Vietnam



Advantages of Portland Cement Blended PCB 30, MC25 branded Long Son. • Quality of cement is always ensured to be stable. Especially, cement compressive strength is always in over-graded rate that is an advantage to consumer

Portland Cement Blended PCB 30, MC25 branded Long Son has high fineness to develop the compressive strength earlier and has high detention capacity to enhance flexibility of concrete and mortar helping the finishing easier without cracking phenomenon of plaster coat.

The content of free lime and MgO in cement is low, so it’s not be expanded after the construction. Products from concrete and mortar using Long Son cement will have no shattering sign of concrete block & block wall texture after putting into use. The content of total alkali R2O in cement is very low <0.5%, so it eliminates the causes leading corrosion & demolition of concrete and wall structure for works)


No. Characteristic Units Typical Test Result TCVN 6260:2009 PCB 30 specified
01    Fineness
   Specific surface cm2/g 3550 Min. 2800
   0.09mm residue % 0.8 Max. 10
02    Soundness mm 1.45 Max. 10
   Le Chaterlier
03    Standard Consistence % 28.2
04    Setting time
   Initial set min (phút) 130 Min. 45 min
   Final set Min (phút) 170 Max. 420 min
05    Compressive strength
   03 days N/mm2 20 Min. 14
   28 days N/mm2 37 Min. 30
06 % 0.81
   Magnesium oxide – MgO in cement
07    S03 content % 1.90 Max. 3.5
08    Free-CaO  % 0.57